Insurance for financed equipment
Equipment Insurance Equipment insurance is a necessity.

As with your personal property you want to be certain that the equipment you need to run your business is well insured. We offer property and liability business equipment insurance to satisfy this need.

With eLease International as your partner you will find that getting insurance on your leased equipment is fast and simple!
  • Same day approvals
  • Insurance binders within 24 to 48 hours upon receipt of required documentation
  • Extremely competitive rates
Yes! We can insure commercial automobiles, trucks and semi-trailers licensed for road use. Please contact an equipment insurance representative for more information!

Our programs are unique in that even if you've been declined in the past, as long as the leased equipment you are looking to insure falls into one of the categories listed on the Examples of Insurable Equipment page, you will not get turned down!

Please note there are certain items that we are unable to insure, such as any underground or waterborne contractors equipment and logging equipment.

For quote information, please visit our equipment insurance quote page or e-mail us your insurance request.
Description of Coverage
Equipment insurance coverage is offered as Physical Damage or physical damage and liability combined.

Monthly or annual insurance charge payments are available.

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Examples of Coverage
Examples of insurable equipment, but not limited to:

Equipment that is of a non-mobile nature and is intended to be used within a fixed property location. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • - Electronic data processing equipment (not including laptops)
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